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How important is jewellery to women ? To answer this question in one word - VERY!

An outfit without jewellery is said to be incomplete, to women jewellery is like a style statement, it is a big part of your personality. Which means it says a lot about you. There are various kinds of jewellery worn on different occasions, moods and locations.

Poshbabestore brings you luxury jewellery you can wear everyday!

Poshbabestore is owned by Deepika Uniyal, a 26 year old Marketing Specialist and Architect who has always had a love for fashion since she was young. Born and raised in New Delhi she was always surrounded by an all trendy culture but it was her days spent in lockdown, working from home in her loungewear, that really showed her the meaning of the feeling that you get when you put on something that makes you really excited.

According to her, "Waking up in the morning and going through our routine, and dressing up for the day makes life feel structured and a little more constant in these changing times! Even if it's that one pair of earrings and a bracelet that you wear while working, eating, or watching Netflix, wear it for yourself!"

Putting on her best outfit, jewellery, and makeup made her realize that all these things add a boost to her confidence and she wanted others to feel the same about themselves. But the problem was that the most of the affordable jewellery present in the market was less durable, easily corrosive, and not waterproof, to women "Jewellery is like icecream, there is always room for more." and although there is luxurious jewellery available that checks all the marks but was too expensive and it was not practical for everyone to buy it. So the 26 year old fashion enthusiast decided to start PoshBabeStore, an Instagram-based jewellery store that provides you with lavish yet lightweight jewellery at affordable prices.

The main idea behind this venture that started in Janurary of 2022 was to provide customers with high quality affordable and luxurious jewellery that is made up of Stainless Steel which makes it waterproof, non - tarnish, comfortable to wear that is non - corrosive and sustainable. This jewellery is also lead, nickel and cadmium free which makes it hypoallergenic and safe for you to wear all day everyday.

Walt Disney once said, "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Uniyal did just that and launched her store in January on Instagram, initially like any other start-up there were fewer orders and followers but as we all know that hard work pays off, Deepika maintained quality and consistency in her posts, and one day an Instagram reel of PoshBabeStore went viral, the reel received an overwhelming response of half a million people and orders started pilling up. The number of followers and views went up which assured Deepika that she is on the right track and she launched her new website:

Before launching the website all the orders were coming from Instagram via reels and DM's. From one o

rder a day to 50+ orders a day PoshBabeStore came a long way in just a small time span of 4 months that too with excellent reviews.

PoshBabeStore started with less than a 100 followers and now they are a fam of more than 3000 which is increasing every single day with great reviews. If you also want to buy luxurious ewellery at an affordable price for yourself or for your loved ones checkout their website:

Or you can follow them on Instagram:

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